It’s like having the world’s most experienced breast specialists consult on your mammogram.

What Is AI-Enabled Mammography?

EBCD applies Saige-Dx™, an FDA-cleared artificial intelligence technology developed by DeepHealth, to your mammography study. Saige-Dx can detect even subtle lesions that are normally difficult to find. Radiologists use that data to augment their interpretation of the breast exam and to deliver a more accurate mammogram.  

As a patient, you spend no additional time during the exam, nor is any additional radiation used. You safely and conveniently gain the benefit of greater accuracy. When it comes to your annual screening, you want the most advanced technology availableand EBCD is the only solution of its kind. 

How does EBCD’s artificial intelligence work?

  • Saige-Dx is a sophisticated, deep-learning algorithm, which means that it is continuously "learning" to discern abnormalities in a very granular way. It trains on millions of images across diverse populations, more than any one clinician could see in a lifetime.
  • Saige-Dx analyzes each mammogram in such detail that if suspicious findings are present, it identifies the lesion in the exam for the radiologist and categorizes the suspicion. This level of scrutiny is at a magnitude similar to the most experienced breast specialists in the world, working together on a single mammogram. 
  • In a study to validate the efficacy of Saige-Dx, 18 radiologists read 240 mammograms twice—once with the aid of the technology and once without. All 18 radiologists showed improved performance when using Saige-Dx. 
  • Greater accuracy also means fewer false alarms and needless anxiety for patients.


Ample evidence indicates that annual screening mammography saves lives. When it comes to detection in screening, you want the smartest person in the room.  If you want greater confidence in your results, make a screening appointment to use EBCD now.


The exceptional performance of Saige-Dx is featured in DeepHealth’s recent Nature Medicine article.

Janet Storella, M.D.

Saige-Dx AI makes me so much more accurate, both in finding early cancers and avoiding false alarms. This is the most effective quality assurance tool I have seen in my 30-year career.

Janet Storella, M.D.  
Medical Director, Women’s Imaging  
Community Radiology Associates

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