It’s like having the world’s most experienced breast specialists consult on your mammogram.

What Is AI-Enabled Mammography?

Ample evidence indicates that annual screening mammography saves lives. When it comes to detection in screening, you want the smartest person in the room.

We’re giving you an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that has been trained on more than a million images from diverse populations.

EBCD applies Saige-Dx™, an artificial intelligence technology developed by DeepHealth, to your mammography study. Saige-Dx helps radiologists deliver a more accurate mammogram.

How does EBCD’s artificial intelligence work?

  • A sophisticated, deep-learning algorithm drives the AI technology that our breast specialists use. This algorithm is trained on more data than any one clinician could see in a lifetime.
  • Saige-Dx is applied to 3D mammograms to help our radiologists detect subtle lesions.
  • If a finding is suspicious, the AI identifies the lesion in the exam for the radiologist to consider and provides a level of suspicion score.
  • Saige-Dx is developed by DeepHealth, and it is FDA-cleared.

AI-enabled mammography is a key component of our Enhanced Breast Cancer Detection package. If you want greater confidence in your results, make a screening appointment to use EBCD now.

The exceptional performance of Saige-Dx is featured in DeepHealth’s recent Nature Medicine article.

Dr. Jason McKellop

The DeepHealth algorithm helps radiologists make smarter and safer interpretations of mammograms by sharpening the focus of our search for clinically relevant and time-sensitive imaging findings.

Dr. Jason McKellop

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